10 Most Uncommon Signs of Breast Cancer that go Unnoticed

Uncommon Signs of Breast Cancer

The first thing that comes to our minds when we hear breast cancer is a lumpy mass in the breast. Well, let me tell you that a lump is a sign of breast cancer but not the only one. Breast cancer can give rise to many additional changes to the skin on the breast and the surrounding areas. The best possible way to detect breast cancer is by getting a mammogram done. Early detection always means better chances of beating cancer.

This article deals with making people aware of the other possible warning signs of breast cancer.

The Top 10 Most Uncommon Signs of Breast Cancer :

  1. Puckering of the breast- is the appearance of mild indentation on the skin around the breast. It may be observed near the nipple and along the sides of the breast. This is caused due to the pulling of the breast tissues as the tumor grows.
  2. Dimpling of the breast- Dimpling of the breasts gives it the appearance of the skin of oranges. The dimpling can vary from slight pitting to many dimpled looks all along with the breast tissue.
  3. Changes in the shape, size, and color of the nipples- Breast cancer can attack the nipple tissues as well and causes changes in the texture and appearance. The inward turning or inverting of the nipples is a sure shot signal of breast cancer. Any color change in the dark area of the nipple called areola also should not be ignored.
  4. Flaking of the skin and irritation of the nipple and any kind of discharge, especially if it also has blood, from the nipple can also be an indication of breast cancer.
  5. Red spots on the skin of the breast can also be a warning of the inflammatory breast cancer which is a dangerous type of breast cancer.
  6. Breast cancer also causes the breast to becomes swollen, warm and red which is accompanied by a throbbing pain in a particular area of the breast, so if you have these signs visit your doctor as soon as possible.
  7. Changes in the lymph node in the breasts- lymph nodes are small structures in the various parts of the body that have collections of lymph which helps the immune system to detect and trap some harmful cells in the body. Once a cancer cell leaves the breast, it will first move to the underarm lymph node region on the same side as that of the affected breast. This can lead to the swelling of the lymph nodes near the armpit or the collar bone.
  8. Pain in the breasts-changes in the breast cells due to breast cancer can cause tenderness, throbbing pain and swell in the breasts. At times, there can be a burning sensation in the breasts too.
  9. Breast cancer is also associated with upper back pain most of the times.
  10. One breast can feel warmer on touching and harder to touch than the other breast. It is indicative of breast cancer.

If you are experiencing any of the above signs, please visit your gynecologist for a check-up.

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