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From a child to an adult, everyone is aware of the value of body self-defense mechanism known as immunity. It helps a child that was born just minutes ago from infection and also a 90-year-old who has lived his entire life to its full glory.

What can’t an Immune system fight? It fights that cold, cough, chest congestion, sore throat to something bigger and dealer disease. Immunity does grow and age with us over time and that is why it is highly important that we take care of it and nurture it. So that when it’s time for it to protect us, it’s prepared.

Every nutritionist and dietitian preaches about maintaining ones immunity. Your doctor will always ask you to keep your immunity strong! Half the things that a child does are out of natural instinct to make its immune system strong. But how can children and adult do that even better? Many day to day factors play an important role and I’m sure you must have heard of them as a healthy diet, daily exercise, and adequate sleep. Sound basic right? Yet mostly ignored! But along with the regulars, there are few factors that can act as boosters.

Trust me when I say this you need not spend 1000$ on this one, it’s right there in your kitchens shelf – Turmeric! Yes, Turmeric that yellow powder that comes from a well-known plant Curcuma Longa.

There have been many studies on this magical but quite regular spice over time. Studies show that this spice stays in the gastrointestinal tract and portion absorbed is rapidly metabolized when consumed via food or beverage.


There was a major study done by Nicholas Young, in which he tried learning whether the addition of Turmeric in one’s day to day food or beverage had any effects on daily supplementation and benefits of its use therapeutically. According to one of the research recently being published titled PLOS ONE, a compound found in turmeric Curcumin has been known to boost immunity. Turmeric if eaten raw has no side effects however it’s quite possible that it does not get properly absorbed to utmost capacity.

Nicholas Young said that the study suggested that there is a better way of supplementing curcumin in the body where it can be utilized to utmost capacity. For now, the anti-inflammatory properties of the bioactive form of Turmeric have proven to be very effective.

Curcumin was mixed with castor oil and polyethylene glycol during research and study,  they were put under a process known as the nano-elusion. This process leads to the formation of microvesicles that contained curcumin. This process now allows it to be absorbed well by the gut and enter tissues and bloodstream.

This study was carried out on rats where the certain immune cell that was responsible for heart disease and obesity stopped growing after consumption of Curcumin. The study also showed that it stopped the body from producing macrophages. Macrophages are the cell that is active when body feel its in danger producing inflammatory response in the body. By stopping unnecessary macrophages Curcumin now had an anti-inflammatory response.

After this recent discovery Nicholas came to a conclusion that if macrophages can be stopped, then the inflammatory reaction phased by humans can also be out to a  halt. It is indeed a new discovery that will prove to be helpful.

When macrophages are triggered in the body, the over predicting leads to obesity, Crohn’s, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Diabetes mellitus type two, Lupus indicted nephritis.

Asian countries like India and Pakistan use turmeric as their daily spice. Every curry and dish have a dash of Turmeric. Maybe this is one of the reason these people do not tend to be obese or safe to say at least not the majority population! Sometimes the best thing is right there in front of your eyes; it’s just matter of acknowledgment. Old school medicine wasn’t bad after all. 

This study will lead to changes in many people’s lives who are and who have a probable history of suffering from similar disease owing to their family history. If obesity is uprooted from its roots, obese people have hopes of getting back into a healthy body. Many major diseases will be decrease and likely over time even cease to exist. Change and expectant comes slowly, but it happens for the better.

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