Can Asthumin really Prevent you from a Breathing Attack?

prevent asthma with asthumin

Asthma is a chronic respiratory condition in which an individual’s airways (bronchial tubes) become constricted and narrow leading to swelling. This causes excess production of mucus making it very difficult to breathe. The inflammation and swelling of the breathing airways make it very sensitive to irritations, thus increasing the chances of allergic reactions. Some of the most common symptoms of asthma are breathlessness, coughing, wheezing and tightness in the chest.

When asthma gets aggravated and the symptoms are at its peak, the asthmatic attack can take place. Starting off gradually, they can completely prevent oxygen from reaching the lungs which also stops it from entering the bloodstream and reaching the main organs. At the beginning of an asthmatic attack, the bronchial tubes will allow sufficient air to enter into the lungs but it does not allow the built-up carbon dioxide to leave the lungs at the same fast rate.

This accumulation of carbon dioxide in the lungs is poisonous to the body and further reduces oxygen from entering the bloodstream. The asthmatic attack can be minor or it may get serious. It may also interrupt with everyday activities.

The common symptoms of asthmatic attack are:

  1. Severe shortness of breathe
  2. Coughing and wheezing
  3. Tightness and pain in the chest
  4. Low peak  expiratory flow readings
  5. Failure of responding to quick acting rescue inhaler

A person experiencing severe asthmatic attack must immediately visit the doctor as it can be life threatening. Wondering about the causes of asthmatic attack? As per many studies, an overactive and sensitive immune system which reacts when exposed to certain triggers is the main cause. Some of the common triggers that can vary from person to person are pollen, tobacco smoke, molds, dust mites, pet hair, inhalation of cold dry air, stress, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and certain upper respiratory infections.

The course of treatment that is followed is taking two to six puffs of a quick acting inhaler to get the airway expanding medication deep into the lungs for immediate relief. Another natural yet effective mode of treatment can be the use of Asthumin from Bagdara Farms. Asthumin is enriched with organic curcumin which is effective in controlling as well as preventing asthmatic attacks.

Let’s have an overview of a few advantages of curcumin in asthmatic attacks:

  1. The strong anti-inflammatory action of curcumin helps in curbing the excess of inflammation the lungs.
  2. Curcumin is also very effective in nullifying the causes and side effects of asthma, thus giving much relief from the symptoms.
  3. Allergy is one of the main triggers of an asthmatic attack. Curcumin has proven anti-allergic properties that reduce asthma and mucus production and constriction of airways
  4. The oxidative damage in case of asthmatic attacks can very damaging to the lungs. Since curcumin is an antioxidant agent, it helps to reduce the free radicals that cause oxidative damage.
  5. Since curcumin has immunomodulatory action also, it helps to strengthen the immune system.

Asthumin needs to be taken along with a pinch of black pepper for better absorption of curcumin into the body. It is advisable to start off in small doses and gradually increase the quantity.

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