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Lucky are those who have a high metabolic rate, they needn’t worry about those fat cells that lodge every possible corner. But what about people like us? Weight loss is a challenge and fitness expert always say real weight loss starts from your kitchen.

I can think of one spice well known in the Indian society that my grandmother said was secret to maintaining perfect weight, turmeric.

Turmeric has a well-known bioactive polyphenol called Curcumin in it. From the ages of 1500 people knew the value of turmeric. According to many recent studies Curcumin has found helpful in treating or subsiding many diseases like Rheumatoid Arthritis, cataract and Crohn’s disease.

These days weight loss has become a ‘usual’ thing thanks to all the fried and the junk food. But people have started to become more aware of their own bodies and now wish to lose and maintain weight for which curcumin has been playing a vital role.

First, let me brief you about health problems that obesity can lead to:

According to latest research more than 34% that is 78.6 million Americans come under obese category. When there is an imbalance between the energy being realized from the boy and energy been consumed due to lack of physical activity, a person tends to gain weight and eventually become obese. This happens due to deposition of fat cells.

Recent studies have shown that deposition of these fat cells can lead to insulin resistance and chronic inflammation. These are the reason for type 2 diabetes mellitus is commonly noted in obese.

Can Curcumin Become A Cure?

Recent studies have now shown that it can help in mitigating metabolic disorders and inflammation that directly correlate to obesity. Curcumin helps bring a balance in fat burning and fat storage process. If you see in Asian countries like India or Pakistan you’ll realize that they add turmeric to almost every dish.

Majority of the population is thin or more accurate to say healthy enough to not fall under the category of obese. If you look at the charts you’ll learn that Indians like to keep their diet full of carbs unlike Americans but still, they hardly put on weight.

Many dietitians have started to add carbohydrates than in previous years. This way when you consume carbohydrates your craving for sugar diminishes. Wonder why?


Inside the body, there is a phenomenon taking place ‘spontaneous combustion’.  The cells in our body shut down the gates that load the fat which is activated by insulin. Therefore no sugar enters your cell.

Once you have had your big meal, blood sugar level rises but that is also taken care by the pancreas, by producing more insulin. This way, as the blood sugar levels keep rising, the pancreas keep making more and more insulin.

Now all the extra insulin that has been produced is put to work. They activate the LPL(fat storage enzyme) and shut down the HPL (fat realizing enzyme). This way fat cells keep strong more and more fat and pancreas keep producing more and more insulin eventually leading to exhaustion of insulin and burning out the beta – cells that help produce insulin, leading to type 2 diabetes.

But curcumin doesn’t allow overproduction of insulin therefore not allowing the vicious cycle to start in the first place.

Currently, research and experimentation have been under the covers as they are still learning it on animals. However, the reach has been showing many positive results. But like any other study, even this study has been facing its own ups and downs. For instance, some studies have shown that turmeric can lead to lower cholesterol levels but there are studies that are showing otherwise.

Now researchers are hopeful that curcumin can offer a solution to problems of obesity sooner or later. Let’s all cross our fingers and pray that day soon comes when the world is free from obesity. It’s a famous saying in India “unhealthy body is a house of disease”.

There is a difference between being plump and being obese. No one wishes to live an unhealthy life and end up in a hospital bed. Ancient medicine can prove to be the gateway for healthier human lives. A small thing that sits on your kitchen shelf can now lead to a better future.

If you are looking for a product rich in Curcumin to lose your extra kilos, then surely you need to try 3X-Trimfat from Bagdara Farms. It is packed with the goodness and accurate proportion of organically grown Curcumin to help in the weight loss.

In conclusion Turmeric or the active metabolite of Turmeric – Curcumin can help in restoring a normal body functioning and even decrease the chances of Type 2 Diabetes mellitus and obesity as these two are inevitably linked with one another.

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