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A woman’s work is never ending- she is the glue that binds a family together and in all of this multitasking, she loses herself somewhere. Her health is on no one’s priority list so isn’t it time that she took charge of her life and put her health on top priority.

A woman’s body undergoes so many changes and hence is prone to a lot of problems and generally most of them are related to the reproductive system.

The versatile female reproductive system is made of ovaries, two of them—sized and shaped like an almond—eggs develop and mature in the ovaries and are releases during the monthly cycle ( everybody knows that right). What most of us fail to realize that any change in the pattern is a sign of some problem.

There are times when one feels pain in the lower abdomen, do not make the mistake of thinking of it as stomach pain, your ovaries are located in the lower abdomen, hence this problem could be related to your ovaries. Ovarian pain could be acute (come suddenly last for a short while) or Chronic( appear gradually and the last for a very long time.

One cause of the pain could be ovarian cysts, most women have ovarian cysts at one point or the other but if the cyst ruptures it can cause serious health problems.

What Is An Ovarian Cyst?

It is a fluid filled sac or pocket inside an ovary or on its surface usually during the childbearing years. They form during the process of ovulation-when the egg is not released or the sac (follicle holding the egg) doesn’t dissolve after releasing the egg

Generally a regular cyst creates no signs or symptoms but a large cyst can cause:

  • Pelvic pain
  • Fullness or heaviness in your abdomen
  • Bloating
  • Irregular menstrual cycle
  • Pain during sex and bowel movement


Most of the cysts happen due to your menstrual cycle:

Functional cysts: Ovaries usually develop cyst like structures called follicle (produce estrogen and progesterone and release an egg) every month.

When a normal follicle keeps growing it is called a functional cyst-is of two types-

  • Follicular cyst-When egg busts out and travels down the fallopian tube- follicular cyst begins when the follicle doesn’t rupture and continues to grow,
  • Corpus luteum cyst- Follicle releases egg-begins producing estrogen and progesterone-follicle called corpus luteum-fluid accumulates inside the follicle-causing the corpus luteum to grow into a cyst.

There are certain cysts not related to the normal function of your menstrual cycle:

  • Dermoid cysts: Contain tissue such as hair, skin or teeth as form from embryonic cells and are rarely cancerous.
  • Cystadenimas: Develops on surface of the ovary-might be filled with watery or mucous like material.
  • Endometrioses: Develops due to uterine endometrial cells growing into uterus, some of the tissue can get attached to the ovary and form a growth.

Dermoid and cystadenomas Cysts can become large and make the ovary move out of position, causing a painful twisting of your ovary (Ovarian torsion) which could lead to decreasing or stopping blood flow to the ovary.

Hormonal problems, pregnancy, endometriosis, previous ovarian cyst, severe pelvic infections all heighten your risk of getting ovarian cysts.

You Must Seek Immediate Medical Advice If:

  • You experience sudden, severe abdominal or pelvis pain
  • Pain with fever or vomiting
  • Shock-cold clammy skin-rapid breathing-lightheadedness or weakness

Your doctor will ask questions regarding your signs and symptoms and also conduct a medical exam to get to the correct diagnosis.

Do not wait for things to get out of hands at the first sign or symptom get yourself a bottle of Shemeric from Bagdara Farms.

Why Shemeric?

As the name suggest SHEMERIC has been lovingly curated to take care of all concerns regarding a woman’s health after all a woman is the backbone of the society.

  • Curcumin which is present in a rich amount in Shemeric is a potent phytoestrogen thus helping out in balancing the hormonal issues
  • Shemeric also acts as an anti-oxidant killing the free radicals and helping restore hormonal imbalance.
  • Shemeric also protects the body from side-effects that may occur due to antibiotic usage.
  • The anti-microbial property of Shemeric also helps in protecting the individual from any infections that could lead to ovarian cysts.
  • Shemeric loaded with the potent power of Curcumin also acts as an anti-depressant as it acts in a number of ways to lift the mood and mental health.
  • Shemeric effectively manipulates brain chemicals to reduce and inhibit stress and anxiety.
  • Shemeric will also boost your overall health thanks to the potent and efficacious properties of the rich Curcumin content.
  • Curcumin with its very dynamic anti-inflammatory property is a very important and potent dietary phytochemical which ameliorates inflammation thus reducing the risk of cyst formation.
  • Curcumin in Shemeric is a dynamic anti-oxidant which neutralizes free radicals and also boosts the body’s own antioxidant enzymes.

Make your health a priority and Shemeric is there to help you all the way.

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