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Our cats are prone to infections due to exposure which makes them susceptible to falling ill. Some of these infections can cause serious illness and health disorders which can be detrimental for your pet.

As a responsible pet owner, you must know about the problems and the signs that could help you take timely action and keep your tabby healthy. If you fail to do so your tabby might develop serious health conditions just like us human beings.

Symptoms That Your Cat Might Have A Bacterial Infection:

  • Fever
  • Skin abscesses
  • Lack of appetite
  • Indigestion
  • Red and runny eyes
  • Coughing and runny nose
  • Constant vomiting
  • Skin inflammation and redness
  • Multiple infections, including skin, eyes, ears, upper respiratory tract and urinary tract
  • Pain and lethargy
  • Lameness
  • Open fractures and pus oozing from wounds

Most Common Bacteria That Cause Infections:

  • Pyodermas
  • Staphylococcus
  • Actinomyces
  • Spirochete
  • Fusabacterium
  • Clostridium

What Causes The Infections?

  • Age
  • Weakened immune system
  • Poor diet
  • Underlying illness
  • Exposure to other animals that carry parasites
  • Disease transmission through air, water, food

Most Common Bacterial Infections:

Bartonellosis  also known as cat scratch disease, this infection can also spread to humans and only then will you able to notice the symptoms.’

  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • Fever
  • Muscle pain
  • Tabbycin-C from Bagdara Farms is the perfect concoction for your feline friends, enriched with a high Curcumin content it has all the properties to enhance your cat’s health.
  • Curcumin in Tabbycin-C is known for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and hence is most effective in fighting all forms of bacteria and checking inflammation.
  • The anti-bacterial properties of Curcumin are also effective in providing relief from gastric problems and also ensuring that the digestive tract lining stays strong to fight any attacks from bacteria and also inhibits inflammation of the intestinal lining and wall.
  • Essential oils and Curcumin present in Turmeric have unique gastroprotective property. Tabbycin-C is the best option to treat Ulcerative Colitis without any side effects.
  • Curcumin in Tabbycin-C regulates the immune system thus preventing stomach disorders and also strengthening the immunity system.
  • Tabbycin-C has very high curcumin content which is the best natural anti-viral and anti-bacterial. Its anti-inflammatory properties
  • Curcumin in Tabbycin-C provides instant relief from painful cramps during diarrhea.
  • Curcumin is also an anti-bacterial hence it checks the growth of infection-causing bacteria and provides relief from diarrhea.
  • If your pet’s diarrhea has been caused by a virus the Curcumin in Tabbycin-C checks it and provides relief from diarrhea.

Tabbycin-C, is rich in Curcumin which makes it a potent weapon for gastrointestinal problems. The anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties of Curcumin helps in lowering acidity and keeps the symptoms in check. 

Curcumin in Tabbycin-C, is one of the most powerful anti-parasite and anti-viral product given by nature. Its anti-parasite function not only checks the spread of parasites but also kills them before they are able to cause any damage.

Curcumin in Tabbycin-C, is rich and dietary fiber, minerals and vitamins thus giving your cat’s health the much-needed boost.

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