Curcumin to Frisk Off Corns and Callouses


‘Have feet will dance’ sounds nice doesn’t it but what if the feet are worn due to the wear and tear and years of neglect. Yes, neglect we are all guilty of this crime not looking after our feet. We just pamper and prune the parts we think are going to get seen and ignore the most important part. Our feet get us to all the important places and on time too, don’t they? So shouldn’t we look after them better?

The neglect can give rise to some painful and embarrassing problems, corns and callouses are the most common ones.

What are Corns and Callouses?

The unsightly hardened thick skin layers usually develop on the feet and toes and sometime son hands and fingers. This happens as the skin tries to protect itself from friction or pressure (from shoes, or if you stand for long hours)

The appearance of either of them is not dangerous but they can cause irritation and embarrassment.

You will need to get them removed if they cause discomfort and if you are diabetic the appearance of these could lead to further complications.

Corns and Callouses at a Glance:

A  corn, generally has a hard centre which might be surrounded by skin that is inflamed.

A  corn is small, round and maybe well-defined while callouses can happen in varied shapes and are larger than corns.

Callouses are usually not painful but corns, if pressed, can be painful.

Corns usually happen on parts that do not have weight put on them while callouses will happen areas that bear the brunt of our weight like soles, under the heels, palms and sometimes on the knees.

For prevention-try and make some changes in your footwear, clothing and lifestyle.

Though we take the names together both are different so do not make the mistake of treating a corn like a callous.


•     Roughened and thickened are of skin

•     Raised bump that is hard

•     When you feel pain and tenderness under the skin

•     Your skin appears flaky and dry


The most common cause is pressure and frequent rubbing which creates friction, hence the cause of these leads to corns and callouses

•     If you wear poorly fitting or too tight shoes

•     When you don’t wear socks with sandals and shoes the constant rubbing exposes your feet to more friction.

•     If you are a musician and you play an instrument the constant pressure could lead to callouses on the hands

Having corns and callouses makes you more susceptible to



Some other foot deformities like a bone spur

For Prevention:

Wear shoes that allow your feet space and room to breathe

Use protective covering and padding

If using hand tools it is advisable to use padded covering.

If they become too painful and uncomfortable you must consult a doctor and according to the severity of the condition the doctor might decide the treatment and to get to the exact extent he might even take an x-ray.


Your doctor can remove the excess hard skin by paring it off and might advise shoe inverts to avoid friction.

In extreme case, surgery might be advised.

Soaking your hands and feet in soapy water that is warm helps soften the corns and callouses.

Moisturize your skin and always remember to wear comfortable shoes try and stay away from heels.

What you can do to give your feet the pampering and care they deserve is to give them the Solecare advantage.

Solecare from Bagdara Farms is enriched with the goodness of Curcumin which is known as nature’s best anti-inflammatory agent.

The antiseptic property of Curcumin in Solecare fights all infections that are brought on by bacteria and fungi.

As it is a powerful analgesic Curcumin not only gives relief from pain but also aids the healing process.

The anti-inflammatory action of Curcumin heals and prevents the cracking of skin by ensuring that the moisture stays and your feet are always hydrated.

Being 100% organic Solecare has no side-effects unlike  over the counter medication.

With Solecare you are set to take on the world and kick corns and callouses.

Caution please: The best product in the world will lose its sheen if you do not make some changes in your lifestyle and footwear.


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