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Everyone perhaps knows but tries to ignore the fact that prolonged mental stress is bad for health. In the rat race that our lives have become, stress is now an integral part and whether one likes it or not it occupies a considerable amount of headspace during our lifetime. Apart from the usual side effects of disrupted sleep, irritability during the day and lack of concentration, there are some other rather severe side effects of long-term stress.

Side Effects of Sleep Disorder

  1. Long term stress can be the cause of unexplained weight gain. Glucocorticoid levels in the body are responsible for this. These are steroid hormones (like cortisol, the human stress hormone) that are produced in the body. During the day the glucocorticoid level rises and falls according to the body’s circadian clock.
  2. Long term stress disrupts this ebb and flow of glucocorticoids by keeping the level at a high constantly. This affects the processing of fat cells in the body as the maturation of fat cells is quicker if the period in which the glucocorticoid levels are low is less than 12 hours in a day.
  3. If you have been losing clumps of your beautiful thick hair of late, you might want to check the level of stress that you are operating under on a daily basis. High levels of stress force hair follicles to start shutting shop by going into a resting phase.
  4. Long term stress negatively impacts the body’s immune system. This makes you more susceptible to infections caused by germs present in the environment. Our immunity is lowered due to lack of proper sleep as well. This too is triggered by excessive stress.
  5. Tension headaches are also common amongst those who express long periods of stress. This is because unknowingly the body becomes taut and tension in the muscles increase when a person is under stress for too long.

So, how can one avoid falling prey to excessive stress when that seems to be the norm of the fast-paced lives we live? Aside from the usual lifestyle changes like incorporating a 30 minute daily exercise routine, eating more natural foods rich in nutrients and fibre and meditating once every day to calm the mind and the body, one can take a curcumin supplement to tide over the harmful effects of stress.

Curcumin is well-known in the Ayurvedic fraternity for its natural therapeutic properties. It is found in turmeric and is the primary reason for the medicinal qualities that it is lauded for. An Indian agricultural venture that goes by the name of Bagdara Farms, has created a wonderful curcumin-based supplement called Stressidra that contains pure and unadulterated curcumin grown locally. Set in the heart of the fertile Bandhavgarh forests, Bagdara is a pristine stretch of farmland where people have devoted their lives to the pursuit of growing curcumin that is very high in purity and quality.

Stressidra is curcumin enriched and hence it provides the following benefits in stress management:

  1. Curcumin has the ability to manage stress at a very basic cellular level.  This is important because high stress affects us at the same cellular level by disrupting the activity of natural antioxidant enzymes in the body thereby inducing harmful oxidative stress as well as damaging the energy generating processes inside the cellular mitochondria. Curcumin is a natural antioxidant that balances the pro-oxidant and antioxidant substances in the body and protects various organs from oxidative stress.
  2. Excess stress also has an adverse effect on the adrenal gland that is responsible for producing cortisol. When exposed to too much stress for long periods, the adrenal gland tends to increase in size and produce more cortisol. This causes belly fat gain. Curcumin restores cortisol content to a normal level and brings back the adrenal gland to its acceptable size and weight thus helping in stress related weight management.
  3. Curcumin increases the production of neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine. These are mood enhancing substances and fight stress related depression and anxiety. Curcumin also elevates the production of biochemicals that protect the activity of the cells of the brain.
  4. Curcumin has immunity-boosting effects on the body. By increasing the white blood cell count, improving the body’s metabolism and detoxifying various organs like the liver and the kidney, curcumin helps in achieving a good night’s sleep which improves general health as well as fight infections that the body becomes vulnerable to as a result of high stress.
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