Lupus prevention by Curcumin

Our immune system is a critical part of our body. The human immune system consists of a group of organs and biological processes that keep the body shielded against infections. It is thus important to have strong immunity in order to stave off all those infections that are forever present in and around us.

There are some diseases through that attack the immune system and make it ineffective. Such diseases are known as autoimmune disorders. Lupus is one such condition in which the immune system gets affected in such a way that it starts attacking the healthy tissues and organs in the body instead of targeting the infection-causing germs.

The most important tell-tale sign of lupus is a butterfly-shaped rash that spreads across both cheeks. The other symptoms of lupus are very similar to most infections which make it rather difficult to diagnose this disease.

Symptoms of Lupus

1) Fever
2) Fatigue
3) Inflamed Joints
4) Photosensitivity
5) Difficulty in breathing
6) Pain in the chest
7) Dry eyes
8) Migraines
9) Fogginess

There are many serious complications of lupus that range across organs and body parts.

Complications of Lupus on Body are-

1) Lupus can adversely affect the kidneys causing scarring, excessive damage as well as kidney failure in extreme cases.
2) Lupus also affects the neurological system leading to temporary amnesia, blurred thought process, dizziness, altered behavioral pattern, inability to see properly etc.
3) Lupus can cause inflammation in the blood vessels. It can also cause anemia and clotting disorders.
4) Lupus can cause inflammation in the muscles of the heart. It also increases a person’s chances of having a heart attack or other cardiovascular problems.
In order to deal with an autoimmune disorder like lupus, it is very important to build up your immune system’s health. The best way to do this is to take the natural route and make full use of nature’s bounty.

Curcumin, a polyphenol found in turmeric is very effective in boosting the strength of your immune system as well as in managing the symptoms of lupus.

How Curcumin Helps in Lupus Prevention:-

1) Autoantibodies are errant antibodies that are produced by the immune system when suffering from an autoimmune disease like lupus. These antibodies tend to attack the healthy tissues and organs thereby causing much damage. Curcumin hinders the activity of these autoantibodies. It does this by restricting the autoantibodies from binding to the target cells.

2) Curcumin has fantastic immunomodulating powers. It regulates the activity of the immune system which means in case of lupus it tones down the hyperactivity of the immune system. From T cells to macrophages to neutrophils, Curcumin can control the activity of a whole range of immune cells.

3) The inflammation caused by lupus is a factor that further triggers errant responses from the immune system. Inflammation causes cell death and because this happens at a higher than usual rate, it is difficult for the body to clear up the debris efficiently. This causes even more inflammation. Curcumin has strong anti-inflammatory properties that help in suppressing the activity of pro-inflammatory substances like COX and LOX enzymes as well as cytokines.

4) The anti-inflammatory properties of Curcumin also help in clearing up the skin rash caused by Lupus. This is because Curcumin stabilizes the immune system as well as soothes painful and photosensitive skin by bringing down the level of pro-inflammatory enzymes in the body.

5) Curcumin protects the kidneys from lupus induced damage. It decreases the excess protein present in urine which is produced as a result of kidney damage.

6) Curcumin is known to be a potent antioxidant as it not only neutralizes free radicals that are present in the body thereby reducing oxidative stress but also promotes the body’s own antioxidant enzymes. This helps in keeping the body healthy and improving the functioning of all the organs.

ImmunoTurm is an organic Curcumin rich supplement introduced by Bagdara Farms. It is very useful in bolstering the immune system and keeping it protected from autoimmune diseases like Lupus. Made from natural Curcumin grown locally at Bagdara, ImmunoTurm is devoid of any unwanted chemical residues that can hamper the effectiveness of this miracle product.

Rich in antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and immunity boosting properties, ImmunoTurm is a blessing for those struggling to cope with a weak immune system that buckles under the assault of infections. It is also helpful for those suffering from autoimmune diseases as it tones down the severity of the symptoms related to such diseases.

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