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calmya for good bone health

Having strong bones is necessary for easy body movements.  Bones are made up of calcium and undergo regular episodes of wear and tear followed by replacement by new bone-building cells called osteocytes. The literal meaning of osteoporosis is porous bones that become weak.

This Osteoporosis is a condition in which the rate at which the new bone is created cannot keep up with the rate at which it is broken down. This causes a decrease in the bone density resulting in such brittle bones that even a fall or stress like bending can result in a bone fracture. As we age, bone density starts becoming lesser and after the age of 35, the bones start becoming weaker. The most common sites of bone fracture in case of osteoporosis are spine, hips, and wrist.

As per statistics, osteoporosis affects more than 53 million people in United States alone. It affects both the genders but is seen more commonly in older women especially after menopause. The loss in bone density occurs slowly without any obvious signs and symptoms. A person might realize that he or she has osteoporosis only after getting a fracture after a minor incident.

Some of the occasional symptoms that the person might experience at times include:

  1. Gradual loss of height resulting in a stooped posture
  2. Backache
  3. Spine, wrist or hip fracture that occurs more easily than expected

There can be a number of risk factors in developing osteoporosis like:

  1. Gender and race- Women of the Asian descent who are past the age of menopause are more prone to osteoporosis.
  2. Age- the risk of osteoporosis increases as one ages
  3. Family history-  Having a parent or a sibling who has osteoporosis makes one at a higher risk bracket
  4. Size of the body frame- Individuals with smaller body frame tend to be at a higher risk as they have less bone mass as they age.
  5. Lifestyle choices and certain other medical conditions can also play a role in development of this health condition.

Hormones are truly called the chemical messengers which maintain coordination of many activities in our body. It has been studied that osteoporosis is seen more in people with too much or too little hormones in their bodies.

  1. Thyroid hormones– Excessive production of the thyroid hormone in case of overactive thyroid gland can cause bone loss resulting in easy fractures.
  2. Sex hormones- Low sex hormone levels make the bones weak. That is the reason for more cases of osteoporosis in women who attain menopause. After menopause, the estrogen levels decrease. Testosterone levels also take a dip in men as they age.
  3. Overactive parathyroid gland and adrenal glands placed above the kidneys can also pose as a high-risk factor for osteoporosis.

Individuals who have lowered calcium intake, eating disorders and gastrointestinal surgery are also more prone to osteoporosis as compared t healthy individuals. Fractures of the spine or hip caused after a fall can result in lifelong disability and also an increased risk of death within the first year after the injury.

Osteoporosis is diagnosed by measuring the bone density by a machine that uses low levels of X-ray to check the proportion of mineral in the bones.  The widely prescribed medicines or osteoporosis are biphosphates which come with their own share of side effects like nausea, heartburn and abdominal pain.

How great it would be to be able to prevent osteoporosis without the side effects of medications. Bagdara Farms has come up with a product called Calmya that has the richness of curcumin and turmerone which has any therapeutic properties.

  1. Studies have proven that curcumin and turmerone have bone building properties which help in increasing the rate at which the bone is repaired.
  2. Osteoclasts are bone cells and they reabsorb bone tissue. In case of osteoporosis, the osteoclasts increase in number and absorb a lot of bone mineral making it very fragile. Curcumin is shown to inhibit the formation of these osteoclasts and thus help in reducing the loss of bone density.
  3. Curcumin is very effective in protecting from postmenopausal osteoporosis, induced osteoporosis or any other health condition that causes bone loss.
  4. Due to the anti inflammatory property of curcumin, it can inhibit the expression of enzyme MCP- 1 and down regulates inflammation in bone marrow cells. This helps in decreasing the pain associated with fractures and also hastens the process of healing of fractures.
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