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A lot of emphases is put on women’s health from time immemorial but due to social reasons, health concern of a man is never addressed openly. This leads to a lot of problems not taken care of till the last moment. Enlarged prostate, prostatitis, erectile dysfunction, and low sperm count are some of the issues faced by men. Let’s discuss the problem of low sperm count here.

What does the term low sperm count imply? When the semen that a man ejaculates consists of lesser sperm than the normal. Sperms are the male reproductive cells that are shaped like small tadpoles which swim across the female reproductive system and fertilize the egg or ovum (female reproductive cell) to produce a fertilized zygote. Sperm count is considered low if a male has fewer than 15 million sperm per millimetre of semen. This zygote then undergoes series of cell divisions to form a foetus. The biological term to describe low sperm count is oligospermia. No sperms or total lack of sperms is called azoospermia. For reasons very obvious both these conditions are a cause of concern as it decreases the chances of fertilizing the ovum and thus, the ability to father a child.

Some of the symptoms of low sperm count are as follows:

  1. Pain, swelling  or lump in the testicle
  2. Reduced sexual desire
  3. Problem sustaining an erection (erectile dysfunction)
  4. Incapability to have a baby even after a year of unprotected  intercourse
  5. Decreased facial hair or hormone abnormality

Even though the exact reason for low sperm count cannot be ascertained, it can occur due to many reasons like:

  1. Sperm production is a complex process that requires not only the regular working of testicles but also the hormones. Once the sperms are made they have to be carried out of the body with the help of complex system of tubes. So any problem in these parts could also lead to low sperm count
  2. Bacterial infection: Some of the sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhoea and HIV can prove to be problematic for sperm generation or the well being of sperms.
  3. Excess intake of antibiotics: Few antibiotics have anti-sperm effects destroying the sperms and decreasing the sperm count.
  4. Hormonal imbalance: Yes, men also suffer from hormonal imbalances. The hypothalamus and pituitary gland in the brain are also responsible for producing sex hormones that are required for sperm generation.
  5. An individual can experience retrograde ejaculation which is the state when semen goes to the bladder in the course of orgasm rather than moving out of the penis. Spinal injury, diabetes and issues of the bladder, prostate as well as urethra can cause retrograde ejaculation.
  6. Certain tumours and their course of treatment like radiation, surgery and chemotherapy may also affect the fertility and thus the sperm count.
  7. Overheating of the testicles caused by the regular use of saunas and hot tubs could lead to low sperm count and sperm damage temporarily.
  8. Erratic lifestyle, high stress levels, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption and being overweight could also cause lowering of the sperm count.
  9. Use of steroids to increase muscle mass, cocaine and marijuana can also lower the sperm counts.

With so many reasons behind affecting the sperm count, it seems impossible to find a simple single solution to it. Much to our surprise, there is indeed a solution to all this problem- Mexamin-S4 from Bagdara Farms. Mexamin-S4 is rich in curcumin and turmerone- two most potent phytochemicals that can provide much relief from major problems in the human body.

  1. Since both curcumin and turmerone are anti inflammatory in nature, they help to subside the swelling in the male reproductive parts.
  2. The powerful antioxidant property of curcumin helps to keep the free radicals at bay which cause tissue degeneration.
  3. Owing to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity curcumin protects the tissues from damage caused by reduced flow of blood due to torsion. It also supports the process of sperm production called spermatogenesis causing an increase in the sperm count.
  4. Curcumin also has the ability to fight off toxicity induced testicular damage caused by nicotine, chemicals like cadmium, lead, chromium and insecticides.
  5. The anti cancerous effects of curcumin and turmerone can destroy the testicular cancer cells which are also one of the main reasons of low sperm count.
  6. The antibacterial properties of curcumin can reach the nook and corner of every part of the male reproductive system unlike certain strong antibiotics and kill the bacteria causing infections like chronic prostatitis.
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