My Story of Battling Rheumatoid Arthritis with Curcumin

Rheumatoid Arthritis

A chance injury to my foot was the triggering factor for the beginning of my rheumatoid arthritis when I was just 29 years old. This injury probably was in my system my entire life but decided to pop up when my new system was confused with the foot injury. My immune system was all over the place! My lifestyle and high-stress levels due to my job, constant fatigue and tremendous weight loss before my injury did not help my case either.

What surprised me was that I was not healing at all instead the pain and inflammation of the foot injury spread like wildfire throughout my body from the head to the toe and in every small joint in between. I was put on cortisone injections every time I had pain in my shoulders fingers shows race sternum etc. The doctor even tested me for every disease possible on this earth which obviously scared me. I was constantly in pain which gave rise to anger, confusion and guilt.

I took all types of steroids, anti-inflammatories and arthritis medicines, some of which are not even in the market of late due to their severe side effects. On the contrary I had to take more medicines to deal with these side effects.

After a long weight of three and a half months to see a rheumatologist, the diagnosis was made within a few minutes of sitting in that examination room. My blood was tested negative for new rheumatoid arthritis for the next 3 years but the medical stream treated my symptoms.

This process leads to a series of different diagnoses so that my medications could be covered by insurance and when they want I had to pay almost $1600 a month for one medicine.

There was no ray of hope and things were getting really bad. There were days when I couldn’t even drag myself out of the bed due to extreme fatigue and days when I have to literally drag my left foot to walk days my fingers work stiff and swollen and that my mum had to massage them for us for some relief. My face for swollen and assembled moon face to the extent that my own grandmother fail to recognise me in one of the holidays. I started fearing that I would not be able to play the piano ever again.

Even after getting the quality of my life back smallest of the flare-ups since then cost irreversible damage to view of my joints and bones.

I have had secondary illnesses due to the complications of my medications and disease due to which my body was better. Some of the side effects cost me to have emotional physical and mental wear and tear on the body. I was confused what triggered my flash.

I knew I had to accept that are I would never leave my body and once I let go of the guilt I started gaining control of my life. I continue to have my bad days and they go on for day’s altogether and I also realised that stress is my greatest trigger.

I have to carry on because I am a mum. I am grateful that are it sprung up when it had to. Since then I have accepted my current course of treatment which includes a self injection in my leg. I have also learnt to deal with a fused rest which doesn’t bend when I want to scoop up my kids ok play the piano and never will.

I am motivated to fight for my quality of life that I deserve and my family deserves by taking another alternative to the conventional medicines prescribed. Curcumin is just not another thing that I take but it has become a part of my lifestyle.

I hope you will also try I and make it a part of your lifestyle too!

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