Say Bye To All Dental Problems with Simple Curcumin

dental problems

As they say ‘smile is the key that fits into the lock of every heart’. Well, some of us might not be so lucky to be confident enough to flash a billion dollar smile because of an imperfect set of teeth or any other dental issues. Having a healthy set of teeth is an equally important self-esteem booster as any other feature. Yet, it is ignored by many of us, many times, which is of course not the right thing to do as a small dental problem can aggravate to a serious one if not nipped at the budding stage. Be it, adults or children, there are hardly a handful of lucky people who have the perfect set of pearlies.

The most common form of dental problem are the cavities or tooth decay. We see so many advertisements claiming to prevent tooth decay? Honey is a five year old with 90% rotten teeth and his mother claims to brushing his teeth three times a day!. Let’s have a look at what are cavities? A cavity is the other name for tooth decay, a brownish black hole that forms on your tooth.

Like all problems, cavities start off as a tiny hole, which when left untreated eventually turns into a bigger hole. The tooth enamel is the hard protective covering on our teeth and decay starts when this tooth enamel starts wearing off. When the bacteria in our mouth start feeding on the food particles stuck to our tooth, it releases an acidic substance.

This acidic substance is the main culprit leading to the slow erosion of the tooth enamel and over a period of time it eats away the entire tooth. Toothache is known to among the most dreadful pain in the whole wide world.  Cavities occur more often in the premolars and molars found at the back of the mouth because of the simple reason that they have ridges on them that trap food particle. Also, they are difficult to reach while brushing.

Sneha is a young adult who is constantly nudged by her friends for the yellowish hue on her teeth. What is this yellowish coating? This is nothing but the dental plaque build up which is one of the reasons of dental caries or cavities formation.

Will I scare you if I tell you that dental plaque formation starts taking place as soon as you eat or drink something? Plaque is a sticky combination of bacteria, saliva, various food particles, and acid. Plaque formation takes place when food mainly containing carbohydrates like sugars, starch, milk etc is frequently left unrinsed in our mouth. The acid in the plaque then slowly starts acting on the tooth enamel, completely eroding it over a period of time.

The long term effect of plaque formation is that it can turn into tartar. In dentistry, tartar, also called calculus, is defined as hardened plaque is caused by the mineralization of saliva. Sometimes tartar that develops above the gum line can be serious leading to progressive gum diseases.

The above condition of untreated calculus, gives rise to gingivitis which is the inflammation of the gums caused due to bacterial infection. Red, tender, swollen, bleeding gums, pain when chewing, sensitive teeth, pus between tooth and gums, fouls smelling breathe and change in your bite are a few common symptoms of gingivitis.

Some of the Risk Factors for Gingivitis are:

  1. Smoking or chewing tobacco
  2. Poorly fitted dental appliances
  3. Crooked teeth
  4. Pregnancy
  5. Diabetes
  6. Compromised immunity (AIDS)
  7. Medications like steroids, oral contraceptives, chemotherapy etc)

The further repercussion of not taking the symptoms of gingivitis seriously is periodontitis. Periodontitis is a serious gum disease that damages the soft tissues and weakens the bone that supports the tooth leading to tooth loss.

There are Three Types of Periodontitis:

  1. Chronic periodontitis
  2. Aggressive periodontitis
  3. Necrotizing periodontal disease

It has been found that bacteria responsible for periodontitis can enter the bloodstream through gum tissue affecting the heart, lungs and various other parts of the body. Periodontitis has also been linked to rheumatoid arthritis, stroke, coronary heart diseases and respiratory disease.

The treatment for all these above-stated problems is a visit to the dentist. The dentist’s chair seems no less than an execution chair for many of us. As most of the times, Mother Nature has a solution to this problem too. Try Oramin from Bagdara Farms which has a rich combination of curcumin and turmerone to fight off all the dental woes.

Let’s see How These Two Ingredients Help to Keep a Happy Mouth and Healthy Teeth:

  1. Since gingivitis is nothing but inflammation of the gums, curcumin and turmerone having excellent anti inflammatory properties can help fight it.
  2. The antimicrobial action of curcumin can help kill the foul breathe causing bacteria and helps to scrub off mild plaque formation over time.
  3. Curcumin can also prove to be very effective in treating aching gums and teeth.
  4. Tumerone and curcumin together can also be used in making the teeth sparkling white.
  5. Curcumin is known for its anti cancerous effects and thus it is efficient in controlling and killing cancerous cells giving rise to oral cancer.

Wondering How To Use Oromin?

  1. Make a paste of ¼ tsp Oromin, little mustard oil and a pinch of salt. Apply this paste onto your teeth and gums to get relief from gingivitis.
  2. Boil ½ tsp Oromin with two cloves and use it as a refreshing mouthwash.

Last But Not The Least; Don’t Forget To Smile With Oromin!

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