The Secret Benefits of Turmeric During Breastfeeding


Being blessed with a baby is always exciting as well as a scary feeling, especially for the first time mothers. There are a lot of queries about child care and their own healthcare that a mother has to deal with. Including a healthy diet which will help her heal her body post-pregnancy as well as help in better milk production during breastfeeding.  Popularly known as the ‘Queen of spices’, turmeric as a number of health benefits to offer. It is widely used in South Asian and Indian cuisines to add a nice flavor, aroma, and taste to the food.

Turmeric is scientifically known as Curcumina longa it is an important component of Ayurveda for the past 5000 years. Over the recent research studies,  it has been found that the medicinal properties of turmeric can be attributed to the presence of bioactive compound called curcumin present in it.

What are the benefits of turmeric during pregnancy?

Turmeric  is best known for its antioxidant, antibacterial, antiviral,l anti aging, anticarcinogenic and anti depressant properties when consumed regularly.

Turmeric in your food or milk during pregnancy can help in various health benefits. As per Ayurveda turmeric is beneficial for both the brain and the body. If you are breastfeeding mom, including turmeric in your diet can have further more health benefits.

Is consuming turmeric during pregnancy and breastfeeding safe?

Many people believe that intake of oral turmeric supplements are not safe during pregnancy as it stimulate the uterus resulting in miscarriage. However, many studies on this aspect has been shown that small doses of turmeric found to be safe for pregnant as well as breastfeeding. One just needs to be sure that will be used after consulting the doctor some kind of bleeding disorder. As they say excess of everything is bad, consuming just the right amount of curcumin during breastfeeding is considered to be fine.

Consuming turmeric during pregnancy can have the following benefits

  1. Helps to improve immunity
  2. Detoxifies the liver and purifies the blood
  3. Maintenance of healthy blood sugar and lipids levels
  4. Brings comfort from joint pain and inflammation
  5. Maintains healthy levels of bacteria in the gut, thus preventing constipation.

If one is skeptical about eating turmeric or cannot consume it due to various other restrictions, there are many beauty remedies with turmeric can be tried at home.

Home Remedies to be tried at Home:-

1. Make a paste of turmeric and water and apply on your skin. This pack is best for acne prone skin due to its antiseptic and inflammatory properties.

2. Drinking a glass of turmeric milk with a teaspoon of honey once a day helps to cleanse internal system giving a glowing and clear complexion.

3. Mix and olive oil and turmeric into a fine paste and apply it generously over the stretch marks. Leave for 15 minutes and wash off to get rid of the stretch marks after pregnancy.

4. Blending cucumber juice, lime juice and turmeric powder to make a paste and applying on hyperpigmented areas of the skin can help prevent melanin production and lighten the skin tone.

So, start using turmeric and see the health benefits that it has to offer!

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