turmeric the super food

Turmeric is the new wonder food. There is no denial to this. But it isn’t new, for its been part of our diet since forever. How many of you remember having turmeric milk before sleeping as a “Dadi Maa ka nuskha” for its multiple health benefits. Dadi maa can never go wrong with her formulas. Turmeric still is unbeatable food with its numerous powers. There is no other single food with such health benefits.

Why Should Turmeric Be A Part Of Your Daily Diet?

Turmeric holds multiple properties like anti inflammatory, antioxidant, antimicrobial, wound healing, anti cancer and what not! It just goes on and on. Turmeric as a part of your daily diet ensures a healthier life. It naturally boosts your immune system helping your body fight infections on its own. Yes. It’s an immune booster! Great for kids that it heals wounds quickly and prevents any infection being caused in the wound area. And it also improves memory. Since inflammation is closely associated with tumor development, turmeric has ability to fight diseases as big as cancer too! God food it is!

Adding turmeric to your diet will protect you and your beloved ones from all such ailments and disorders. It will also cure any diseased condition as well.

How Does Turmeric Do That?

So it’s already said and proved how beneficial turmeric to you is and why should it be a part of your daily diet. But do you wonder how turmeric does all of that just alone? This superhero (turmeric) is blessed with a secret ingredient called curcumin. Curcumin is a yellow pigment from Curcuma longa and is a major component of turmeric. Curcumin also lowers the various factors that cause heart diseases. It has also been proved that curcumin lowers any brain diseases risks because it crosses blood brain barrier.

How To Consume Curcumin?

Consume turmeric. Sounds simple, eh? But it is not that simple as it seems to be. The quantity of turmeric you consume may not contain enough curcumin to give to your body. For this, it is important that a measured quantity of curcumin is consumed by you. Also curcumin is best absorbed by body when administered with black pepper. It is so because black pepper contains piperine, which promotes the absorption of curcumin in body. Hence only consumption is not important but absorption of what has been consumed is important too.

How Does Bagdara Farms Help?

Bagdara Farms organically produces and develops curcumin-based products. Bagdara Farms products ensure following

  • The right quantity of curcumin is given to the body with sustained dosage.
  • The curcumin used is organic and adulteration free.
  • There is no use of chemical or chemical based fertilizer in the production of the same.
  • The products hold proven health benefits.
  • The authenticity remains intact.

Turmeric isn’t called super food for no reason. It’s not a good supplement but a food ingredient. You’d love to love turmeric (curcumin), we bet!

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