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The human body is a super computer in itself. The immunity is its anti-virus. Every year, the quality and lethality of viruses that come in updated versions changes. So what do you do ? You update your anti-virus.

The new strain of virus is a reality and it is in the atmosphere and our immunity will develop antibodies to keep this virus also under control like our immunity saves us from other viruses. Some people, who have a chronic medical history may develop worsening of symptoms when they are exposed to the virus and may need hospitalisation.

Post hospitalisation, its your immunity which is going to help you stay alive with the COVID-19 and all future virus strains that come back in updated versions.

Anything that helps build immunity is a Must Do and everything that takes down your immunity is a DO NOT DO.

We are right here and will keep brining you more helpful information.

Our product Turmflu is based on curcumin enriched naturally cultivated and harvested wild strand turmeric which is naturally cultivated within the forests of Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve. It is indigenous and is an excellent natural immunity booster and a strong anti-inflammatory pharmacology. It also natural immunosuppressant and cools off the cytokine storms and can be life saving.

Our Farms are operating as usual and barring yesterday and today, all deliveries will be made as per the ECMA. Currently our logistic partner is seeking all compulsory government approvals for the last mile deliveries of essential commodities.

We will ensure that our herb reaches you and gives you the therapeutic benefit it has been providing you for a healthy and safe life.

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