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Many researchers have proved the healing characteristics of turmeric during menopause. Let us read how it is a boon for ladies who are going through this rough phase of their life.

If you are woman, you would know how blessed you are to be one! But you also know the distress of going through periods every month. Isn’t it?

But, once your menses stop, there are many side effects that you have to face for a long time. These are also severe during the time the menstrual cycle is ending -known as menopause.

The article highlights the advantages of turmeric during menopause – one of the most important periods in a woman’s life when her menses conclude.

The Common Symptoms Of Menopause

Menopause is a very imperative period in every woman’s life; this marks an end to her ability to become a mother. It is a natural phase when the ovaries in a woman’s body stop the production of progesterone and estrogen.

This mostly occurs in the midlife, ranging from late 40’s to early 50’s. During this period, lot of hormonal changes happen in a woman’s body.

Some Of The Common Symptoms Of Pre-Menopause And Post Menopause Are:

  • Irregular menstrual cycles
  • Palpitations
  • Urgency of urination
  • Fatigue
  • Hot flashes
  • Vaginal atrophy(Itching and shrinking of genital areas)
  • Depression
  • Concentration problems
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Irritability

Let’s Now Read About The Common Postmenopausal Effects:

After menopause, there are many diseases and disorders that a woman can fall prey to if she doesn’t take care of her body in a proper way. Some of them are:

  • Heart disease
  • Glaucoma
  • Osteoporosis
  • Macular degeneration
  • Breast cancer

However, you don’t take menopause as a disease but you can always consider certain home remedies to treat the symptoms. One of the most significant products that eases the side effects are turmeric.

Turmeric works as an excellent antioxidant and has various properties like anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and a number of pharmacological characteristics.

There is an active ingredient in turmeric known as Curcumin which is mainly responsible for the healing properties of the herb.Curcumin helps in therapeutic treatment during menopause.

Let’s find out how curcumin helps during the menopausal period:

1. Acts As A Painkiller

Menopause brings sin many issues with it. The two most common complaints are body ache and soreness in the muscles.

Turmeric with hits anti–inflammatory characteristics helps to relieve these complaints. Turmeric is known to be better than the pain-killer available in the market. It possesses high analgesic potential as compared to the common painkillers that are subscribed.

It is also effective in improving postoperative fatigue and pain. It helps you to get away with join pains, migraine and muscle soreness during menopause.

2. Fights Against Depression

Depression comes along with menopause due to change in the hormones. Turmeric has been proven very effective in beating away the blues.

Curcumin has good antidepressant features as compared to regular anti-depressants and top of that doesn’t cause any side effects in the body.

Also, it helps in controlling the anxiety problems also. Curcumin helps in boosting the DHA levels that plays a very crucial role in controlling the level of anxiety and is helpful in the appropriate functioning of the brain.

3. As A Phytoestrogen

During Menupoase, oestrogen deficiency is a common thing to happen in a women body. During that period, Phytoestrogen supplements are recommended to work as a hormone replacement therapy.

Also, Turmeric is known to be an amazing phytoestrogen. Thus turmeric can save you from many problems like hot flashes, sleeping disorders, reduced bone density, cardiovascular disease, joint pain, mood swings and many others.

4. For Your Heart

If you are distressed during your post-menstrual phase, then another factor to add to your misery is your heart care. It has been found out that the ladies who are in their post-menopausal are more likely to suffer from a heart attack than men.

This is due to reduction in oestrogen level that leads to palpitations in your heart. Curcumin has amazing properties and fights against cardiovascular diseases amazingly well. It is highly recommended to take correct dosage of Curcumin to improve your cardiovascular health.

5. Turmeric Boosts Immunity

Turmeric is known to boost the immunity levels. When you are in your postmenopausal, immunity of your body is your major concern.

The decrease in estrogen level leads to reduced immunity and increases the probability of autoimmune diseases. Thus, you have higher chances of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases as compared to women who are not in their postmenopausal period.

Curcumin is a well-known immune booster. So, reap in the benefits of curcumin.

Menoeze a product from Bagdara Farms has the correct proportion of Curcumin that helps to fight against all the side-effects of menopause. Stay away from the stress during the rough phase of your life with Menoeze.

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