Curcumin and IBS Connection

IBS prevention

About 10 to 15% of Americans are affected by IBS on irritable bowel syndrome. Diagnosing IBS is not a very difficult task as it is usually characterized by stomach pain gas diarrhea and or irregular bowel movements on a regular basis. Stress and certain particular foods are one of the common triggering factors for.

There are some people who suffer from more severe forms of inflammatory bowel diseases or IBDs like Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. These diseases are very debilitating and require strict changes in diet and medication.

If you are suffering from either IBS or a serious IBD, the latest research studies show that including curcumin in your diet can help relieve some of the symptoms.

What is Curcumin

It is is the active compound in the turmeric spice.

It has been used in eastern medicine for many many years and several studies have been conducted to show the power of evading various health conditions and diseases.

The power of the medicinal benefits of curcumin lies in the fact that it has great anti-inflammatory antioxidant and pain relieving properties. Inflammation is a common response when we get injured so that a body can fight any infection and heal the wound. The immune system becomes less efficient as we grow older as this could be due to diet health conditions or lifestyle.

Due to these factors that inflammatory response starts becoming chronic and proves to be damaging to the body. Inflammation is one of the most common triggering factors behind both IBS and IBD. Researchers have therefore suggested that a daily dosage of curcumin can help to fight these health conditions and diseases.

Curcumin and IBS

About 207 volunteers suffering from IBS included in a study in the year 2004. All the participants were given one or two tablets of a standardized extract of turmeric for around 8 weeks. Once the trial period is over the group that received one tablet birthday had experienced 22% lesser abdominal pain or discomfort  score.

On the other hand the group that took two tablets per day so that their score had gone down by 25%. When the two groups for combined about two thirds of the participants showed improvement in symptoms and more healthy bowel movements. As much as this study is relevant for the studies need to be done with placebo groups to help verify the effectiveness of curcumin in IBS.

Curcumin and IBDs

In yet another study five patients with Crohn’s disease and five patients suffering from ulcerative colitis administered curcumin everyday along with the usual medications. Out of those 10 patients 9 good symptomatic and immunological improvement by the end of the study and this lasted for a few months.

Moreover, four of the patients suffering from ulcerative colitis decrease and even stop there prescribed medicines as they reported lesser frequent bowel movements reduced cramping and pain and more formed stools.

Yet again this study was done on a small scale butthe results are quite promising and in accordance with other research studies on curcumin.

There have been no studies so far that state the consumption of curcumin on a regular basis having any side effects. Many research studies have concluded that curcumin could help reduce the symptoms and at times even rivers health conditions like arthritis heart diseases some cancers and neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Try Bagdara farms to get your daily e dosage of curcumin. It will give you the required hydration a boost to the immune system and relief from IBS with regular consumption.

The statements above have not been evaluated by buy the food and drug administration. The products are not intended for diagnosing treating shearing for preventing any disease.

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